Fruit and Vegetables

Welcome to the Pets and Gardens fruit and vegetables section, here you can find information about our store as well as our free local fruit and vegetable delivery service. To find out more see below. 

Our Store  


Sourced by Birmingham Wholesale Market and local Suppliers we now offer an extensive range of fresh fruit, vegetables, salads and free range eggs, which can be brought in-store or ordered online for our local delivery service. Prices do vary however we always try to keep them as competitive as possible whilst maintaining a high quality. 

How to Order/ Our Delivery Service

We offer a free local delivery service on Tuesdays and Thursdays for fresh produce orders.  To order either give us a call directly where we can run through the range or any new items on 0121 3731491 or fill in the order form below and email it to us at : 

Please Phone or Email orders through at least 24hrs prior to delivery. 


Get In Touch

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